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Our team of brokers have a long and proud history of providing charter assistance for situations where its necessary to provide help, support and medical assistance. We have worked extensively with:

  • Governments
  • Commercial Airlines
  • Relief Organisations
  • Charities
  • NGO’s

Our team are able to provide support right from the planning stage through to execution, and are also able to work round the clock to incredibly tight schedules as the need necessitates. We can also work in a broad capacity, so whether it’s providing consultancy support through the telephone or arranging an entire flight from A to B to transport supplies, we have the expertise.

Expertise in delivering supplies and relief

Areas covered:

  • Natural disaster relief – arranging charter flights to and from disaster hit locations to provide supplies, relief teams and more
  • Medevac flights – arranging flights to transport patients with specific and wide ranging medical needs
  • Relief aid – providing charter flights to supply relief aid to impoverished locations

We have a proven track record in this highly specialised area of charter. We’re also able to arrange necessary ground transportation, including private ambulances and freight.

We encourage your organisation to contact our charter team with any enquiries you have regarding medivac and support flights. Please call us onĀ 0843 459 7709 or email sales[at]privatejets.co.uk.

Regarding recent events:

November 2013 Typhoon Haiyan: Typhoon Haiyan has devastated the Philippines. Please contact us urgently if you require consultancy or assistance regarding charter flights to the Philippines.