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If you’ve never travelled by private jet before, perhaps it’s time to give it a try. Worried it’s too expensive? Concerns about safety? Let us alleviate your worries.

Cost of private jet travel

It is of course more expensive to fly by private jet than commercially. But it may not be as expensive as you think, and there’s ways to save. For example, a light jet flight from London to Geneva you can expect to set you back about £5000. If you split the cost equally between a maximum of seven passengers, you could be looking at a per seat cost of just £715.

If you still consider that too expensive to be viable, you may benefit from empty legs. Private jets often have to move between airports (known as positioning) in order to fulfill a flight. For example, a client may charter a jet from Farnborough, but the jet is based in Paris. It must therefore first fly to Farnborough in order to pick up the passenger. These flights are empty, hence they’re known as empty legs. They’re then made available to you at a cut price sum, sometimes as much as 75% cheaper than a normal charter.

Safety and Security

Safety is always our top priority. We strictly only charter out the safest jets, those that adhere to strict regulations imposed by the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK, or the FAA in the USA. These regulations ensure that the private jets are correctly maintained down to the smallest part. All private jets we charter are regularly checked to ensure they are safe to fly. Flying by private jet is widely accepted to be as safe, if not safer, than flying commercially. When you fly with us, you will be informed who owns and operates the aircraft, and therefore their relevant safety and maintenance records.

Booking Process

Traditionally, private jet travel is difficult and time consuming to organise. You have to ring around many brokers, and then wait 24-48 hours before they return with a quote for your flight, leading to a drawn out process. You may ask the question why chartering a private jet cannot be as simple as booking a normal flight, and we agree. That’s why we built our booking platform, as it allows you to get an instant guide price on any flight, as well as arrange your flight itinerary. This goes much of the way to simplifying the booking process.

We hope this helps address some of the common concerns of private jet hire. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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