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You can save on the cost of a private jet - by sharing it

You can spread the cost with likeminded individuals. Our syndicate program works for both aircraft ownership as well as individual charter.

Option 1: Private Charter Syndicate

If you want to reduce the cost of your charter flights, we can link you with other clients that are looking for similar flights.


Client A, David would like to fly to Paris from Edinburgh in the second week of February. Client B, Frank would also like to fly to from Edinburgh to Paris in February. Both have joined the syndicate program, so we put them together on the same flight to Paris and they then share the cost evenly - effectively halving what they would have paid otherwise.

Edinburgh to Paris Flight Normal Flight One Passenger

  • £4358pp
  • 4358 total package cost
  • Embraer Phenom 100
  • 4 seats
  • Includes ground transportation.

Edinburgh to Paris Flight Syndicate Flight Two Passengers Sharing

  • £2179pp
  • 4358 total package cost
  • Embraer Phenom 100
  • 4 seats
  • Includes ground transportation.

All the benefits of private jet charter:

  • No queues, passport control, baggage checks
  • Transfers direct from airport to hotel
  • Selection of aircraft to choose from
  • Comfort, peace and quiet of your own jet
  • Arrive at airport just 20 minutes before departure

Option 2: Private Jet Asset Syndicate

Ever thought about owning an aircraft, but put off by high purchase costs? With our asset management program, you can share the purchase of a private jet. Unlike fractional jet ownership however, you will actually own a share of the aircraft as your own asset.


Company CEO Giles would like to purchase his own aircraft, and has a £2.5million budget. James, who became wealthy through foreign exchange trading, would also like to own a private jet and has a £2million budget. £2-2.5million would normally allow them to each purchase a Cessna Citation Bravo. However, combining their budgets allowed them to purchase a Citation CJ2 to share, which has far better range, a bigger cabin and more seats.

They still own the aircraft as an asset, and all management of the aircraft is handled by the expert team at PrivateJets.co.uk. All Giles and James have to do is make a quick phone call when they need a flight - everything else is handled for them.

All the benefits of private jet ownership:

  • No queues, passport control, baggage checks
  • Aircraft always available at your leisure
  • Full VIP service team at your disposal
  • Management of jet handled by expert team
  • Arrive at airport just 20 minutes before departure

More Information on our Shared Cost Private Jet Charters

Our Private Jet Syndicate Program is designed to give more people access to private jet travel to some of the World’s best destinations at a fraction of the cost. We want to bring you together for the PrivateJets.co.uk Experience.

We will be arranging a number of trips in some of the World’s finest Private Jets where you can book as few as one or two seats, allowing you to experience all of the benefits of a private charter flight at a fraction of the cost.

If you would like to add a date and destination to our list please let us know. Plan it around your own holiday dates and we’ll offer the flight through our website so that you can share the cost.

PrivateJets.co.uk- Private Jet Charters For All.

PrivateJets.co.uk will NEVER share your information with a third party.


Private Jet Syndicate - Contact us today

If you're looking to drive down the cost of either private jet charter, or private jet ownership, give our friendly team a call and we'll discuss with you the different options

Call us on 0843 459 7709 | Email us on sales@privatejets.co.uk

*Private jets are hired on a per plane basis. Therefore, regardless of whether all seats are filled, the aircraft must be paid for in full.

  • How many people can be in a group? For a charter flight, it will depend on the aircraft and the flight. For example, if you are looking to fly between European cities we generally advise a group of 3-7 people as this allows you to stick to using light jets. A larger group would mean a bigger jet which pushes up the cost.
    For private jet ownership, we allow a maximum of six individuals to own a share of the asset.
  • Is this the same as buying a seat? No, you are simply splitting the cost of the flight, rather than actually buying a seat.
  • How do I find a flight to share? Simply call us and inform us of your requirements. We then match you with an existing flight, or make yours available to others.