Manchester is a bright, vibrant and growing city. In fact, it’s currently the UK’s fastest growing. Whilst the City itself has a population of around 512,000, the greater urban area has a population of around 2.5 million people. Manchester became the worlds first ever industrialised city, brought on by textile manufacture during the industrial revolution. These days, its notable for its architecture, music scene, media, sport and culture.

The city is also known as being the home for the incredibly successful Manchester United Football Club, known as one of the biggest sports clubs in the world. It is also home to Manchester City, who under new ownership have seen a resurgence of success in recent years.

The music scene in Manchester is very famous and the City has spawned an unusually high number of successful artists. Popular Manchester music acts include The Bee Gees, Oasis, Simply Red, Buzzcocks, Take That and The Verve. If you’re visiting the city, there’s dozens of music bars and clubs where you enjoy the wide variety of music on offer.

Manchester is also the UK’s third largest economy behind Birmingham and London, as well as being famous for being where the atom was first split.

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