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Fly regularly? Our jet card account is the perfect option, combining convenience, ease of use and value for money.

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Share the account with friends & associates, or your company

Or, keep it to yourself. You decide who has access to the account and when. It's all in your control.

Give short notice periods on flight requirements

By having your border and immigration documents stored with us, booking is streamlined and fast.

Be a part of the flying elite, VIP treatment and account manager

Your flight manager will look after your flights and help you get the best out of your account.

A worldwide network operating 24/7, always there when you need it

Our global network of partners means no matter where you are or need to be, we are on hand.

*Short notice flights depend on availability of aircraft. We always encourage you to book in advance as far as possible to ensure you get the aircraft you want at the slot times you want.

Our membership programme aims to make life simple and transparent

Looking around at the market would make you believe that there are vast discounts to be gained embarking on such a program. The reality of the card market is that there really are only a few benefits. The benefits usually lay with the Operator or indeed the Broker. They hold your money in their accounts and benefit from any bank interest against this.

There really is only one benefit from the customer’s point of view with many card options on the market. Being part of the programme means that if you need to fly at short notice and you’re under pressure to manage payment for such a flight this can be deducted buy the operator quickly and efficiently upon your approval.

One way business jet travellers may also benefit from such a programme as they will often only be charged for the one sector and not any returns or positioning costs. Below are a few benefits of our programme. We have been listening to our clients for a number of years and have been supportive of our clients in the areas set out bellow.

Some benefits include

  • Limitless Variety of Aircraft
  • Yacht Charter
  • 10 hour/- Guaranteed Availability
  • Car Services
  • Complimentary VIP catering
  • Private Security
  • Last Minute Weekend Travel
  • Fine Dining

Our membership programme card members choose to fly privately for a variety of reasons. From the convenience and efficiency of setting one’s own schedule and flying direct to destinations worldwide, to enhanced productivity while traveling for business, our clients receive professional, discrete and highly personalized charter services on each and every flight.

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