We know that when it comes to chartering a private jet, even if you’ve done it many times, doing so can be confusing, complicated and at times even stressful. So how do you avoid this? How can you make the process or chartering a private jet simple, easy and hassle free? Our brokers have been chartering jets for clients for many years, so they know how.

So, whether you’re looking to charter your first ever private jet, or whether you’ve flown in one many a time, check out these five top tips to make your next booking even more simple.

Top Tip #5 – Be flexible, but know what you want

So those of us that run the industry, we’re forever preaching that our clients can have everything exactly how they want. But in reality, that’s never quite the truth. We live in a world of regulations, red tape and government. In other words, whilst we’ll do everything we can to get you on that 6pm emergency flight out of Luton, if there’s no slots available at the airport there’s simply nothing we (nor any other broker/operator) can do about that – except offer you an alternative airport.

On the contrary, don’t be too vague either. We do need to know the dates you want to travel, and we do need to know where you’re going from and to and how many people are going with you. So next time you charter a private jet, be sure and clear about what you want, but at the same time don’t be surprised if sometimes the broker has to make an adjustment to your flight. Trust in them that there’s a good reason for it, and trust in them that they will do everything they can to make your flight a smooth, enjoyable experience.

Top Tip #4 – Get an instant price

The whole point of private jets, the whole reason most people use them, is to save time. A businessmen charters a jet from Farnborough to Geneva because he hasn’t got time to sit around at Heathrow. So why waste your time waiting 24 hours, even several days, for a broker to get back to you with a price?

Several private jet charter brokers, including ourselves (though there are alternatives), have software on their websites that can give you an instant guide price on your flight. It isn’t a final price, because the broker still needs to source the jet you will fly on and make all other arrangements, but it is definitely a good indication of the price you will pay and you final quote is unlikely to deviate too much. Even better, many of these systems work on mobiles and tablets, so if you’re on the move you can still get a quick quote.

Top Tip #3 – Don’t keep changing your mind

No broker will mind too much if you make some alterations to your plans, but try to keep these at a minimum. Brokering private jets involves a lot of skill, effort and time. If you make a complete change to your plans, the broker will have to cancel all their arrangements and start from scratch. 

All in all, this can drag out the process and some brokers will even adjust your final bill to compensate for the extra time. Small changes are often unavoidable, but try to keep big changes to your schedule down to a minimum.

Top Tip #2 – Tell the broker  your requirements

Most good brokers will ask you if you have any special requirements. But just in case they don’t, never be afraid to tell them what you want. Only want to fly in a private jet manufactured in the last 10 years? Want a stand up cabin? Would like to have your favourite brand of whiskey on board? Looking to tuck in to sushi from your favourite sushi restaurant on your flight? Then tell your broker. Flying on a private jet is about the experience as much as anything else, and a brokers job is to make your private jet experience personal to you.

Which leads us on to our final tip.

Top Tip #1 – Found a good broker? Stick with them

If you find a good broker, it’s best to stick with them. Why? Because every time you fly with them, they get to know you better. You won’t need to keep making the same requests, because they’ll already know. And the more your broker knows you, the more simple and smooth the entire process can be. 

That is really the best advice we can give. Sticking to one broker gives you and them a chance to build a working relationship that makes chartering a private jet a breeze every time. It really does, more than anything, make the process simpler, faster and smarter.


So there you have it, five top tips on how to charter a private jet. We hope you enjoyed reading!