There’s still one day to go at the Dubai Airshow 2013, but what’s happened so far has been extraordinary including the largest ever product launch by dollar value in aviation history, with Boeing securing an order for 150 of its new 777 airliners from Emirates airlines in a deal worth $76bn. European conglomerate Airbus also enjoyed success at the hands of Emirates with the airline ordering 50 A380s in a deal worth $23bn.

However, whilst Boeing and Airbus have enjoyed considerable success, Bombardier’s attempts to break into the commercial jet market appear to have stalled. The Canadian manufacturer only managed a letter “of intent” from Iraqi Airways for up to 16 CS300 aircraft, the CS being the new line of Bombardier commercial jet liners in development. Firm orders for the CS series total just 177 which has taken five years to accumulate, leaving Bombardier with an uphill struggle to meet the 300 target it has set by the time the aircraft enters service in September 2014, just 10 months from now. It’s too early though to really make a call on the success of the CS series as any deal within the next few months could drastically change its fortunes.

In regards to private jets, the market looks set to continue to improve and all manufacturers were exhibiting their latest models in attempts to seal vital deals.¬†Eric Trappier, chief executive of French group of Dassault Aviation said in the next coming 10 years, “we hope to double our orders in the Middle East where we have strong work and which attracts more and more competitors in the field of business aviation.” The company were showing off their new Falcon 5X jet due to enter service in 2017.

It goes without saying that so far the Dubai Airshow 2013 has been a considerable success for aviation across the board. Deals have helped secure the future of jobs and give a brighter outlook for the industry. It will be interesting to see what else ties up before the show finishes on the 21st.