They were the first, but Nextant won’t be the last company to develop re-manufactured business jets. Beechcraft, the original manufacturer of the Hawker 400XP, has kick started its own re-manufactured model the 400XPR and is seeking certification. The company aims to start selling in January.

The Nextant 400XTi has shown what can be done in the industry. Old 400XP jets are stripped right down and re-built with new avionics, new engines and new interiors. They are then sold on for $4.95million, which is a fraction of the cost of the smallest jets offered by Bombardier and Gulfstream ($8.1million and $15.7million respectively). 

The 400XPR differs slightly from the 400XTi however in that it is more of an upgrade process. It will cost the owner of a 400XP $2.9million to upgrade their jet to a 400XPR, however with most second-hand 400XPs costing around $2.2million the total cost of purchasing a 400XP and upgrading to a XPR is similar to the cost of purchasing a re-manufactured Nextant.

Beechcraft only emerged from chapter 11 bankruptcy this year, dropping the Hawker name. It could be some time for its recovery to take place, and clearly the XPR program is an attempt to revitalise the business.