Private Jet Aircraft Management

Owning a private jet or other aircraft can be a prohibitive and unpredictable experience. By allowing us to manage your aircraft, you can remove all of the stress and hassle leaving your aircraft in our capable hands

Your aircraft, safe in our hands

Whether you already own an aircraft or if you’re thinking of buying one we can offer you a total executive jet management solution. Our aircraft management is of course tailored to each of our Client’s requirements, you may choose to retain exclusive use of your aircraft, or place your aircraft on a commercial operating licence or certificate to generate charter revenue. At we have a number of aircraft on management options ranging from a Beech Kingair to the incredible Airbus Corporate Jet.

Aircraft Maintenance

Owning your own aircraft can be a time consuming and stressful experience. By allowing us to manage the aircraft for you, you continue to retain full control over the use of your aircraft, whilst leaving the maintenance, safety, hangarage, crewing and training in our hands. We have a strong network of partners providing a range of services to look after your aircraft, and we strive to ensure everything is done to the absolute highest standard. All maintenance and safety is conducted in line with the relevant regulations and governing bodies.

We also keep our communication lines open at all times, and our staff can be reached 24/7 any day of the year to respond to your query. You will also receive regular, timely updates. Further, having your aircraft managed with us brings to you the additional benefits our business provides, including discounts on fuel and crew services. And of course, you will have full access to our VIP charter services, with any flight you require a phone call away.

Aviation Asset Management Programme

Purchase your aircraft with our Aviation Asset Management programme.

Plane Excellence Aviation Asset Management is a key part of the aviation platform that provides a one-stop shop (covering capital and services) for aviation finance clients.

Our portfolio of services provides the full range of Asset Executive Jet Management Services – third party aircraft remarketing, lease management and technical and general consultancy services – to airlines, lessors, bondholders, investors and financial institutions active in the sector backed by its extensive asset and market knowledge and established industry relationships.

If you’re looking for a partner to offer you:

  • A dedicated team with proven aviation asset management experience
  • A Proven track record working for global clients
  • Industry professionals who understand the needs of the investor community and its customers
  • Access to high quality creditable independent technicians for all aircraft types
  • An opportunity to benefit from DVB’s “one stop shop” aviation finance portfolio of skills and services including access to a world recognised industry research team
  • Extensive experience of Asset Risk/Operating Leaseback Debt Transactions
  • Long term commitment to the industry with a global presence

We can help and advice you in all these areas. With our industry professionals we will ensure no stone will be left unturned and make sure your asset offers you the best return on investment. 

Our management solution

  • Fleet discounts on fuel, insurance and crew services.
  • Professional crew selection and oversight
  • Detailed monthly reporting
  • Fiscal budgeting and asset management
  • Coordinated maintenance program and oversight
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Thorough and detailed itinerary and flight coordination
  • Charter sales and support
  • Aircraft cleaning and stock replenishment

If you already own an aircraft, or you're looking to purchase, contact us today to discuss our management solutions and discover how we can help you

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